Custom Home Tips

Once you’ve made the decision to build your dream home, there is a multitude of things you’ll need to discuss to ensure your expectations are met.

There are three main decisions you’ll need make, before you can move forward:

  1. Selecting a Builder
  2. Choosing an Architect/Design Team
  3. Selecting a Home Site

Selecting a Builder

Begin with the selection of a builder – such as FairWyn. Builders are able to simplify and explain the other two big decisions, which is of great benefit.

It’s important that you stipulate your budget. This gives the builder a better understanding of how to accomplish the design and construction of your dream home within the project’s time and financial constraints.

The process can easily become daunting if there isn’t an open line of communication with the builder you choose.

Finding the Right Builder

When selecting a custom builder, reputation is everything. This can’t be emphasized enough, since there must be a strong relationship of trust between you (the buyer) and your home builder.

A good builder will listen to your ideas and meld them into a finished product that exceeds your expectations. A great way to check the legitimacy of a builder is to search for them on the Better Business Bureau’s website (

The most effective method of sizing up a builder may still be getting a friend’s referral. Personal referrals tend to be the most meaningful because they are first-hand experiences with a particular home builder.

Choosing an Architect/Design Team

An architect’s responsibility is to design a home to meet your needs and specifications. It’s also important that they design your home to meet current building code requirements and engineer a safe, well-planned home for you to use for years to come.

As licensed-professionals, it is your architect’s responsibility to make sure the home is structurally sound, efficient in design, and up-to-date with local and state requirements.

Need an Architect? Ask your Builder

Once again, quality home builders like FairWyn will be able to recommend architects they have worked with in the past and provide you with knowledge of differences in workmanship.

The cheapest is not always the best value. Paying a little more to know that your custom home will be designed and engineered properly is often better than paying someone less to cut corners.

Selecting a Home Site

Custom builders are also able to help with your home’s site selection. You’ll receive valuable advice on factors of each site that could impact home design and/or building, such as:

This ensures that any pitfalls in the land can be identified upfront, before contracts are signed. The last thing you want to do is buy a site – only to find out it’ll require substantial foundation work or won’t fit with your design.

At FairWyn, we work with engineers and other professionals who can simplify the process, so your home is built free of setbacks.

Site Search

There’s a simple rule of thumb when looking for a home site: 25% of the finished product is dependent on the land and its improvements.

Items such as water and sewer, utility connections, permit costs, and road creation all come into play, which makes a good relationship with your builder all the more important.

Your Custom-Built Home

Remember, the building process is not always a smooth one, but setting expectations and communicating them openly will ensure that all parties are pleased with the finished product.

Are you interested in building your own dream home? Learn what to expect when you build with FairWyn.