Brian Pollard started FairWyn in 1993 with a vision of developing and building communities in the Geneva Lakes area that respected the delicate balance and harmony between people, the land, and the lake.

Growing up, Brian spent summers and weekends at the lake, and the natural beauty and charm of the area left a lasting impression. After a successful career in the Chicago residential and commercial real estate market, Brian relocated his family and business to the lakes area and FairWyn was born.

To date, FairWyn has sold more than $65 million in quality residential properties, and is actively involved in developing, building and selling residential and commercial real estate, as well as developing unique communities that capture the heart and essence of the Geneva Lake lifestyle.

When it comes to quality craftsmanship, FairWyn understands that the well constructed home is the result of high intention, dedicated effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution—representing wise and experienced choices that result in complete homeowner satisfaction.

Mission Statement

Develop homes and communities to enhance the quality of life in the Geneva Lakes area by practicing the values of craftsmanship, integrity, and wise stewardship.

Experience the FairWyn Difference. Contact us today and we’ll start building your dream together.